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Bike courier delivery is live! Browse by genre in the webstore! Record Sundays/Record Sabbath this Sunday at Barn Hammer! Holy Grinder at Handsome Daughter Aug 2nd! Plus… more new arrivals!

Hello all,

Before we get to the rundown of the newest arrivals, here are a couple of notable developments:

1. Local delivery options – we now offer delivery by bike courier, city wide in Winnipeg. Orders are picked up twice a week and delivered within 3 business days at a pre-arranged safe spot at your place, or directly to you at work or home by arrangement. Delivery options appear at checkout when you are logged in. An unattended delivery costs $5, and premium delivery options exist. Several orders can be combined into one shipment for economy. We have tested the system on a few deliveries and holds and it is ready to go. Get your first delivery for free with coupon code PEDALPOWER.

2. Browse by genre – You can now browse by genre in the webstore. The system is evolving but long overdue. the web gnome has been railing against the limitations of WordPress for you, go give it a look. More improvements are on the way, but this is one that we have been sorely lacking up until this point.

3. Record Sundays / Record Sabbath v. 777 happens at Barn Hammer on Sunday with EAEC, Eat Em Up, Dub Ditch and Electric Heat bring out crates of wax to the taproom of Barn Hammer, 595 Wall St, from 2-6. Records and beer. You know what to do!

4. Holy Grinder/Cell/Phobe/Nocturnal Departure at the Handsome Daughter Thursday Aug 2nd. Grind and Black Metal attack. Early show, noise is at 9 and we are out well before bedtime, so show up. Two punishing grind sets and two corrosive black metal sets. Click through for event details below.

5. TL;DR:

New Arrivals:

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – Vol 1 LP (Yellow)


Slayer -Reign In Blood LP


Slayer – South Of Heaven LP


Immortal – Northern Chaos Gods LP (BW splatter, lim. to 500)


Neurosis – Pain Of Mind LP


Aura Noir – Aura Noire LP


Morbid Angel – Altars Of Madness LP


Marduk – Viktoria LP


Bekëth Nexëhmü – De urtida krafterna 7″


Trolldom – Av Gudablod Röd… LP


Charles Manson – Hallways Of The Always LP


Skeletal Remains – Devouring Mortality LP


Father Befouled – Desolate Gods LP


Spectral Voice/Vastum split 7″


Spectral Voice – Eroded Corridors Of Unbeing LP (2018 repress)


Sinmara – Aphoyic Womb DLP (repress 2018, Import)


Svartidaudi – The Synthesis Of Whore and Beast LP (repress, updated layout+poster, import)


Svartidaudi – Flesh Cathedral DLP (Repress, new artwork, import)


Mercy – Sessions 1983-1986 LP


Mercy – Swedish Metal + Session 1981 LP


Mercy – Mercy LP


Knelt Rote – Alterity LP


Demoncy – Within The Sylvan Realms Of Frost LP


Melvins – Stoner Witch LP


Sleep – The Sciences LP (Black)


Yob – Our Raw Hearts LP


Jyotisavedanga – Thermogravimetry Warp Continuum LP


Caveman Cult – Supremacia Primordial 10”


Ljain – Endasalmar Og Klofnar Tungur LP


Chthe’llist – Passage Into The Xexanotth 7”


Lingua Ignota – All Bitches Die LP


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Webstore additions: Mercy, Sleep, Oksennus, Knelt Rote, Demoncy, Craft, Melvins, Yob, Jyotisavedanga, Caveman Cult, Mortuous

We just added a ton of titles from Nuclear War Now, Carbonized, Larval Productions, Relapse, Season Of Mist and Third Man, featuring Mercy, Oksennus, Knelt Rote, Demoncy, Craft, Melvins, Yob, Sleep, Jyotisavedanga, Caveman Cult, Mortuous. See them in the webstore here:

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Thick & Friendly Radio

We were invited onto Thick & Friendly Radio on CJUM last night to talk about the upcoming INFERNAL COIL and SCAPHE shows on June 21st and 23rd respectively, and snuck in some new Craft and Knelt Rote for good measure. You can listen to the archived broadcast here. Technical weirdness subsides, start at 1:44 and hang in there.

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Coming up next week: INFERNAL COIL June 21st at HD; SCAPHE June 23rd at HD

Next week we are bringing you not one but two shows at the Handsome Daughter, and one at Video Pool sandwiched between them, plus a decompression session at Barn Hammer on Sunday.

Thursday June 21st – INFERNAL COIL (ID) with DUKKHA and NOCTURNAL DEPARTURE at Handsome Daughter, 61 Sherbrook. Doors 930, music at 10. Don’t sleep. infernal Coil are brutal deathgrind, ex- Dead In The Dirt. Nocturnal Departure and Dukkha are both new black metal bands illustrating both the atmospheric and raw sides of the form. DO NOT MISS. Distro boxes will be present.

Friday June 22nd – Temporal Contours v.3 at Video Pool (Artspace building), featuring BRYCE BEVERLIN II (Scaphe), VOR (Andrea Roberts) and SCOTT KINCADE. An evening of experimental noise and sound art, quarterly co-presentation with Video Pool. We will have a crate of experimental records at this.

Saturday June 23rd – SCAPHE (MN) with VELODROME, SKRONK BASH, SPHYGMUS at the Handsome Daughter, 61 Sherbrook. The best in powerviolence/crossover/free jazz/prog all in one room. Your body and mind are not ready.

Sunday June 24th – RECORD SUNDAZE at BARN HAMMER BREWING, 595 Wall. Eye And Ear Control, Eat Em Up, Dub Ditch and Electric Heat with crates of wax in your favorite beer spot in the city from 2-6.

BONUS ROUND: Monday June 25th, we will either be tabling at UADA at the Park Theater, or at LINGUA IGNOTA / THE BODY at the Good Will. Maybe both???

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Now in the webstore: Digital gift certificates and shareable wishlist / recommendation functionality.


It took a minute to configure this properly and test it, but we are now offering gift certificates for purchase through the webstore. The value of the gift certificate is chosen during the buying process so you can set any custom amount. Codes are generated automatically after purchase and are available for use immediately. They can be purchased for oneself or gifted directly to another person via email. Recommend this to friends and relatives if you have a hatchdate approaching, or gift someone some purchasing power. Gift cards can be purchased here.


We have had wishlist functionality baked into the webstore for a while now, but have not spent a lot of time with it. Beyond just bookmarking releases that you are interested in for future listening or wishlisting things for friends or family, you can also maintain lists of recommended listening and share them via email or social media. The plugin allows you to maintain multiple lists and to set their privacy individually. People looking at your finished list will be able to go to the product description or purchase directly from the list itself.

To create and/or share a wishlist, follow these instructions.

1. Sign into your account at

2. After signing in, you will be able to create a new wishlist or add items to an existing wishlist from within the individual item view on the webstore. Just navigate to an item, click add to wishlist, and you will be shown a list of your existing wishlists and an option to create a new list.

2. To edit, rename and share wishlists: Once you log in / any time you click on the “My Account” link in the main nav bar, you will see a menu to the right stacked vertically. In this menu, click on Wishlists. All of the saved wishlists will appear here. You can maintain multiple wishlists and use them as stored carts or bookmarks for yourself, or recommendations or gift ideas that you can share with others.

To inspect your lists, click the name of the wishlist that you want to look at – from here you can add or remove items on the wishlist or change it’s name / visibility.

If you wish to change the name of a certain list, click Settings when looking at that particular list. Text boxes will appear that will allow you to edit the name of your list and enter a description if desired.

3. In order to share a list, you have to change the privacy settings for that individual list to either Shared (anyone with the link can see it) or Public (Anyone can view). If you want your list to be searchable by your name or email address, you can also enter that information here, and anyone who searches by your name or email address will be able to see your wanlist if it is public.

6. Once saved, the list URL will be displayed and you can send that link to anyone you want to share that list with. There are also links to email or post the list to facebook or twitter. (See picture in step 3)

To see a list in action, we asked Cavan of Flash Out / Nocturnal Departure / Necrotic Liquefaction to give us a list of recommendations! Check out his list here, and be sure to see Nocturnal Departure when they open for Infernal Coil with Dukkha on June 21st at the Handsome Daughter!

Click here to log in and start making lists!


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New arrivals from Signal Rex, Night Rhythms and Sentient Ruin up in the webstore. Four titles from our first order from Portugese label SIGNAL REX, showcasing raw and psychedelic black metal from Iceland (NORNAHETTA, ENDALOK) as well as dark ambient projects from both Iceland and Australia (NYIÞ / OLD BURIAL TEMPLE). If you are familiar with the recent wave of interest in Icelandic black metal you understand the importance of these recordings / projects and we are very happy to have / provide access to them domestically. Short run high quality releases from NIGHT RHYTHMS RECORDINGS highlight INCINERATED (Mortician worshipping death metal minus the samples and with the drum machine replaced by INTERNAL ROT drummer Christoph Winkler) and SYRICTUS (Solo death metal project from Erik Steinglen of Half Gorilla / Ara / Northless). Sentient Ruin continue to forge a path into avant-death and blackened sludge with releases by NOVAE MILITIA (French avant-death akin to Deathspell Omega) and Salem, OR based HELL (Scathing blackened doom). Fucking prime additions to the disgusting bleak end of the audio spectrum and all HIGHLY recommended.

Edit: Due to a shipping error, we did not get copies of the LJAIN lp.

See the new additions to the webstore here:

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Canadians: 10% of your order value as a shipping discount until May 31st

Canadian vinyl fiends, we know you feel the stabbing pain of postage and we want to try to figure out how to cauterize it as best we can. We are going to test out an incentive for Canadian mailorder customers; For the rest of May, on every order, you will get a shipping credit equal to 10% of the value of your order. Minimum order is 100$ to get the credit. At $100, you get $10 off shipping, and so on. For example, for most packages/addresses in Canada, that means if you hit $250-$300 in an order, the $25-$30 discount may entirely offset the shipping. This applies no matter how many people are in on the order, as long as it is all purchased in one transaction, with one payment, and one address that it is being sent to. So it makes it worth the while to get your friends together and make a massive order. If you already have paid holds that are waiting to ship, all good, you are still eligible. If the math works out, we will continue this, or it may take another form entirely, but for now take advantage.

International friends: We feel your postal pain as well and are working on a solution, however it will need to look different than this to work. If you want to check on postage options for an order, shoot us an email and we can figure out DHL options, which aren’t necessarily much cheaper for small orders, but do have the advantage of tracking and delivery speed over Canada Post for mid to large orders at a comparable price. Bear with us while we decipher their cryptic quote system (better yet, give us a reason to).

How to:
Enter the webstore here and fill your cart. 

Check out as a “Paid Hold”, complete payment, and we will pack and weight the order and manually apply 10% of the pre-tax total towards your shipping. If the discount doesn’t cover all of the shipping, we will invoice you for the difference.

Item ships expedited and arrive in 3-4 business days with tracking and insurance.

If there are any questions, drop a line to We exist on Facebook but email remains the most direct way to get ahold of us.


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Recent arrivals and incoming: Asagraum, Bruised Ego, Excruciating Terror, Haggus, Black Witchery, Hooded Menace, Cynic, Ails, Exhumed. Ellorsith, Undergang, Corpsessed, Pseudogod, Grave Upheaval

A bunch of recent arrivals just hit the webstore from Bruised Ego, Excruciating Terror, Haggus, Black Witchery, Hooded Menace, Cynic, Ails, Exhumed. Ellorsith, Undergang, Corpsessed, Pseudogod, Grave Upheaval and Asagraum. Consume while you can.

Some incoming titles by Syrictus, Incinerated, Mortuous, Hell, Novae Militia, Sleep, Svartidaudi, Sinmara, Spectral Voice, Blood incantation, Nornahetta, Endalok, Ljain, NYIÞ  and Old Burial Temple are on deck.