Tchornobog – Tchornobog DLP (Solar Vomit III?)

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“First conceived in 2009, “Tchornobog” is not a worship of the Slavic “Black God”. It is a result of heavy meditation in a desert landscape from the perspective of a vessel mountain which harbors a nest for the mind’s eye to be imprisoned. I witnessed — without any hope of my eye closing — the terrible sensory overload of the black vomit of Tchornobog. The recordings provided here are a sonic journal of empathy, and the desert of I.

“TCHORNOBOG” is the first chapter in a book of many events in a universe born off the ashes of the inner pupil.

…Perpetually disemboweling… self devouring…
…Self devouring…perpetually disemboweling…
…Perpetually disemboweling… self devouring…
…Self devouring…perpetually disemboweling…”


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