Telaio Magnetico – Live 75 LP


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This Supergroup born and close his life in the space of a little Tour in the south of Italy in the year 1975. When the spirit of holidays was a travel, and the travel means also an inner dimension of the spirit.
The first part was recorded live at Reggio Calabria, the second live at Gela.
TELAIO MAGNETICO was an all-star live band and a short lived project of the mid-70ies. Their only recorded output consists of a session featuring Juri Camisasca, Lino “Capra” Vaccina, Mino Di Martino (founder of the “enigmatic” ALBERGO INTERGALATTICO SPAZIALE posted previously here), Terra Di Benedetto, Roberto Mazza and Franco Battiato. Their music consists of ethereal voices against floating abstract soundscapes, free spaced-out electronic sections and wonderfully twisted cosmic dreamlike improvisations. Essential!