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Coming up next week: INFERNAL COIL June 21st at HD; SCAPHE June 23rd at HD

Next week we are bringing you not one but two shows at the Handsome Daughter, and one at Video Pool sandwiched between them, plus a decompression session at Barn Hammer on Sunday.

Thursday June 21st – INFERNAL COIL (ID) with DUKKHA and NOCTURNAL DEPARTURE at Handsome Daughter, 61 Sherbrook. Doors 930, music at 10. Don’t sleep. infernal Coil are brutal deathgrind, ex- Dead In The Dirt. Nocturnal Departure and Dukkha are both new black metal bands illustrating both the atmospheric and raw sides of the form. DO NOT MISS. Distro boxes will be present.

Friday June 22nd – Temporal Contours v.3 at Video Pool (Artspace building), featuring BRYCE BEVERLIN II (Scaphe), VOR (Andrea Roberts) and SCOTT KINCADE. An evening of experimental noise and sound art, quarterly co-presentation with Video Pool. We will have a crate of experimental records at this.

Saturday June 23rd – SCAPHE (MN) with VELODROME, SKRONK BASH, SPHYGMUS at the Handsome Daughter, 61 Sherbrook. The best in powerviolence/crossover/free jazz/prog all in one room. Your body and mind are not ready.

Sunday June 24th – RECORD SUNDAZE at BARN HAMMER BREWING, 595 Wall. Eye And Ear Control, Eat Em Up, Dub Ditch and Electric Heat with crates of wax in your favorite beer spot in the city from 2-6.

BONUS ROUND: Monday June 25th, we will either be tabling at UADA at the Park Theater, or at LINGUA IGNOTA / THE BODY at the Good Will. Maybe both???

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New arrivals from Signal Rex, Night Rhythms and Sentient Ruin up in the webstore. Four titles from our first order from Portugese label SIGNAL REX, showcasing raw and psychedelic black metal from Iceland (NORNAHETTA, ENDALOK) as well as dark ambient projects from both Iceland and Australia (NYIÞ / OLD BURIAL TEMPLE). If you are familiar with the recent wave of interest in Icelandic black metal you understand the importance of these recordings / projects and we are very happy to have / provide access to them domestically. Short run high quality releases from NIGHT RHYTHMS RECORDINGS highlight INCINERATED (Mortician worshipping death metal minus the samples and with the drum machine replaced by INTERNAL ROT drummer Christoph Winkler) and SYRICTUS (Solo death metal project from Erik Steinglen of Half Gorilla / Ara / Northless). Sentient Ruin continue to forge a path into avant-death and blackened sludge with releases by NOVAE MILITIA (French avant-death akin to Deathspell Omega) and Salem, OR based HELL (Scathing blackened doom). Fucking prime additions to the disgusting bleak end of the audio spectrum and all HIGHLY recommended.

Edit: Due to a shipping error, we did not get copies of the LJAIN lp.

See the new additions to the webstore here:

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Recent arrivals and incoming: Asagraum, Bruised Ego, Excruciating Terror, Haggus, Black Witchery, Hooded Menace, Cynic, Ails, Exhumed. Ellorsith, Undergang, Corpsessed, Pseudogod, Grave Upheaval

A bunch of recent arrivals just hit the webstore from Bruised Ego, Excruciating Terror, Haggus, Black Witchery, Hooded Menace, Cynic, Ails, Exhumed. Ellorsith, Undergang, Corpsessed, Pseudogod, Grave Upheaval and Asagraum. Consume while you can.

Some incoming titles by Syrictus, Incinerated, Mortuous, Hell, Novae Militia, Sleep, Svartidaudi, Sinmara, Spectral Voice, Blood incantation, Nornahetta, Endalok, Ljain, NYIÞ  and Old Burial Temple are on deck.

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New in the distro: Languid – Resist Mental Slaughter LP, Wake – Misery Rites LP, Metallica – The $5.98 EP.: Garage Days Re-Revisited LP, Behexen – Rituale Satanum LP, Tekarra – S/T LP, Exploator – S/T LP, Six Brew Bantha – Blight LP, White Wards – Futility Report LP, Archgoat – Heavenly Vulva and Angelcunt LPs.

Consume or be consumed:

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Additions from Nuclear War Now, Southern Lord, Season Of Mist, Sentient Ruin, Dark Descent

Now in the webstore! New releases from Nuclear War Now, Southern Lord, Season Of Mist, Sentient Ruin, Dark Descent. Altarage, Gorguts, Inquisition, Uskumgallu, Wormed, Rotting Sky, Leucosis, Atremant, Bestia Arcana, Grave Ritual, Vassafor, Thantifaxath, Heresiarch, Ascended Dead, Exorcist, lurker Of Chalice, Perverted Ceremony, Agathocles, Blood Tyrant, Departure Chandelier, Chaos Echoes, Kohti Tuhoa, Sleep, Sunn0))), and Ulver.

See all of our new additions here: