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SUNLESS – Urraca LP Preorder

Directly following their first international appearance at the Eye And Ear Control launch this past weekend, we are setting up preorders for the Aural Music press of Sunless’ debut album, here on vinyl for the first time. To preorder through EAEC, follow this link:

“Sunless immediately separate themselves from the typical progressive and technical death pack, boasting a sound tailor made to unsettle the brainwaves. Drawing influences from the mighty Gorguts and Ulcerate, while carving their own distinctive pathway, Sunless construct a dense, borderline chaotic and complex sound, guiding the listener on an odd aural trip filled with strange harmonies and chord progressions, crunchy discordant notes, inventive drum patterns and wildly technical musicianship, whipped into difficult to decipher, unconventional song structures. It makes for a jarring, tricky listen that showcases a band with the guts, chops and ambitious songwriting skills to pull it off in a cohesive fashion, despite the schizoid, disjointed nature of the beast.  There’s so much going on within each song, that even the shorter, more compact cuts like “Aberrant Clime” and “The Ancient Ones” are overflowing with musical ideas, knotty technicality, and unexpected twists.” –

The Aural Music vinyl version of Sunless’ debut album. The purple LP is housed in a deluxe Gatefold jacket with double-sided insert and features new re-imagined artwork by Hollow Dusk – Artwork by Andrew Notsch. European release is late January. North American release is early February. ETA Feb 1, orders containing this product with ship after it arrives unless other arrangements are made.