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Canadians: 10% of your order value as a shipping discount until May 31st

Canadian vinyl fiends, we know you feel the stabbing pain of postage and we want to try to figure out how to cauterize it as best we can. We are going to test out an incentive for Canadian mailorder customers; For the rest of May, on every order, you will get a shipping credit equal to 10% of the value of your order. Minimum order is 100$ to get the credit. At $100, you get $10 off shipping, and so on. For example, for most packages/addresses in Canada, that means if you hit $250-$300 in an order, the $25-$30 discount may entirely offset the shipping. This applies no matter how many people are in on the order, as long as it is all purchased in one transaction, with one payment, and one address that it is being sent to. So it makes it worth the while to get your friends together and make a massive order. If you already have paid holds that are waiting to ship, all good, you are still eligible. If the math works out, we will continue this, or it may take another form entirely, but for now take advantage.

International friends: We feel your postal pain as well and are working on a solution, however it will need to look different than this to work. If you want to check on postage options for an order, shoot us an email and we can figure out DHL options, which aren’t necessarily much cheaper for small orders, but do have the advantage of tracking and delivery speed over Canada Post for mid to large orders at a comparable price. Bear with us while we decipher their cryptic quote system (better yet, give us a reason to).

How to:
Enter the webstore here and fill your cart. 

Check out as a “Paid Hold”, complete payment, and we will pack and weight the order and manually apply 10% of the pre-tax total towards your shipping. If the discount doesn’t cover all of the shipping, we will invoice you for the difference.

Item ships expedited and arrive in 3-4 business days with tracking and insurance.

If there are any questions, drop a line to We exist on Facebook but email remains the most direct way to get ahold of us.