Beherit – Bardo Exist LP

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“I’m mesmerized by Bardo Exist. The album’s first half is a mystifying amalgam, a combination of mist-like shrouds of ghostly and celestial ambient sound, a variety of dancing keyboard motifs (which sometimes sound like New Age as well as New Wave), occasional heart-beat rhythmic pulses (as well as evidence of arrhythmia), glitchy electronic spasms, droning under-tones, mounting tides of teeth-on-edge abrasion, mesmerizing piano arpeggios, and grand yet unnerving symphonic swells. Occasionally, there are voices that sound like the kind of demonic recordings which populated The Exorcist, or like gargoyles chanting.

The first half flows, and is best experienced straight through. Meditative moments are to be found within that flow, as well as ingredients that will get your heart thumping, but nothing is calming. Everything is scary, even when it’s seductive. The music seems to bridge primeval moods and futuristic visions, and, as the title suggests, almost none of it sounds earthly.” – No Clean Singing

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