Bell Witch – Four Phantoms DLP (2021 Repress, Colour)

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***Pre-order ETA Feb 28th***

2021 repress on unspecified colour.

“The colossal pieces on Four Phantoms, the second album from Seattle duo Bell Witch, aren’t merely about death. Instead, they detail painful, violent ends inflicted by nature’s four forces—fire, earth, water, and wind—that the dead are forced to endure for eternity. There’s a suffocation, where the victim breaks teeth to keep breathing, and an immolation, where the narrator becomes “the blooming ash.” One ghost falls into an endless canyon forever, while another buried at sea swims in salt water and skin. A case-by-case survey of horrible ways to go, Four Phantoms is appropriately and hyperbolically morose for the subgenre known as “funeral doom.” But Bell Witch answers the extreme, existential despondency of these motifs with absolutely triumphant songs, built with heroic riffs and headstrong rhythms. Four Phantoms, then, is like second-line funeral doom—very heavy metal that celebrates life by staring straight at death.” – Pitchfork

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