Ellorsith – 1959 LP


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“While Ellorsith’s sound can quite easily be summarised as death/black metal – the vocals hardly ever deviate from a caustic, earthen growl, and the drumming is mostly confined to alternating blastbeats with slower double bass sections – it’s the unorthodox riffing style that sets it apart from the rest of their contemporaries. 1959 is soaked with a constant, unshakeable aura of dread, so perhaps some might find it similar to the recent Phobocosm album, which captures a similar vibe. As I previously mentioned, it also bears some resemblance to Ved Buens Ende and Deathspell Omega, so fans of serpentine dissonance will definitely find something to enjoy here. ” – https://www.teethofthedivine.com/reviews/ellorsith-1959-ep/

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