Immortal – Damned In Black LP

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“Drawing from distinct properties of ’80s Metal, Damned In Black has that classic feel and appeal, but still embracing the outstanding qualities of this darkened form through well-placed blastbeats and sparing use of keyboards. But it’s truly the three-piece themselves, frontman/guitarist Abbath, drummer Horgh and bassist Iscariah, that rise to the occasion of this ultimate sacrifice, bashing away happily with a distinct focus on creating a wealth of quality songs. Unquestionably taking a page out of the Reign In Blood bible, DIB is a seven-track nightmare, the band leaving out unneeded filler. So it’s difficult to pinpoint the highlights of the album, each song a valuable chunk of blasphemy in motion. Notably ‘The Darkness That Embrace Me’ and leadoff cut ‘Triumph’ are stellar, but it’s the anthemic title track that sees Abbath spewing blood and fire while he echoes Damned In Black’s most dedicated and malevolent sentiments.” –

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