Krukh – ????????????! LP

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“We�ve got the mastermind behind the acts of Tchornobog, Aureole, and Drown helming the vocals as well as guitars and bass, a man behind Abysmal Gates, Death Fortress, and live Tchornobog on drums, and then I believe the mastermind behind�Krukh itself manning the lead guitars. Everything about�Krukh on paper has the band in just about everyone�s favor, but it�s with the six tracks of �Absurdity!� that we see it come to gorgeous fruition. The whole of this record is an incredibly volatile cocktail that�s equal parts mesmerizing in an occult fashion but also furious in the most blistering way that isn�t afraid to tone down for dramatic effect, but it always comes back with a vengeance! This is contemporary black metal at some of its finest, and you can really hear all the pieces fall into place immediately as�Krukh doesn�t waste any time to make �Absurdity!� an absolute energizer of a record that holds nothing back to where by the end you�re simply salivating for more.” -�


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