SVRM – Zanepad LP

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“This project really has come full circle: “Позбавлення” showcases what made early svrm so great alongside what made the latest svrm perhaps even greater. The song (and the entire album) contains the well-paced surge of svrm’s early work, brimming with oceanic intensity, as well as the more melodic songwriting which emerged from later releases. The result is an uplifting (read: energizing) feeling not quashed by any super-depressive overtones, despite those overtones certainly existing and painting svrm’s music in the bleakest of greyscales. Занепад may be a pithy release, but true to svrm’s style, the project has cram-packed as much vigorous tension and power into five short-format songs as possible. We’re left with an album that is basically immune to overstaying any welcome while at the same time making its welcome something unforgettable.”

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