Tomb Mold – Manor Of Infinite Forms LP (Restock)

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Bubbling up from the oozing sewers of Toronto like a bizarre insectoid of mutant genotype, Tomb Mold reanimates with their second album, and first for 20 Buck Spin, �Manor Of Infinite Forms�. Constructing monumental towers of obscure shape, jarring yet coherent, Tomb Mold compositions evoke a distorted world alongside our own where all manner of oddity and peculiarity are permitted.

Songs on �Manor Of Infinite Forms� move in strange ways, recklessly contorting into cohesion until suddenly they�re proceeding with a force and purpose in perfect synchronicity to the universe that contains them. Disharmoniously melding the pulverizing heaviness of Finnish Death Metal with a never overbearing striking technicality, Tomb Mold careen through world after world of alien landscape with formidable singularity.

Tracked in Toronto �Manor Of Infinite Forms� then landed in the hands of Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Pissgrave, Code Orange) to achieve its organically huge mix. A remarkable puzzle of an album, �Manor Of Infinite Forms� constitutes a creative high point for 2018�s many strong Death Metal releases.


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