Triumvir Foul – Urine Of Abomination MLP

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Decimating the godhead to its insipid form, Triumvir Foul spews forth its third legion of the triumvirate under the Vrasubatlat banner � the �Urine Of Abomination�.

Triumvir Foul returns after a short lull following the �Spiritual Bloodshed� LP with a four-song exhibition showcasing their more caustic elements to date. Again slightly departing in theme, the Urine of Abomination takes a direct approach in discussing the obliteration of the godhead and humiliating him in piss. Sonically, �Urine Of Abomination� carries on the sound of Triumvir Foul�s more traditional death metal tendencies found on their demo �An Oath of Blood and Fire� and fuses it with more bestial black/death destruction.

�Urine of Abomination� is the amalgamation of aural hell and fetishistic indignation � admonish the godhead and drown it in piss.

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