September In Store and Curbside Order Pickup Hours

September 2023 Calendar

09/09-2023 – Slaughterday hours are live. Smash your circadian rhythms into shape, cause our in store and curbside hours are now on a Friday Saturday rotation for September.

For the uninitiated: We exist in the uncanny valley between a mailorder only operation and a record store; ostensibly, we were born online, but now occupy a dedicated space made into a full on record store gravity-well of underground metal, punk, grind, doom and noise. You can visit us online at eyeandearcontrolrecords.com or at our physical location with notice. Drop us a PM, and we can tell you about postal and local courier options, paid holds for combined shipping, curbside order pickup and how to visit us in store.

Our warehouse is located at 318 McDermot (Winnipeg). It’s accessible via RSVP/pm/text for curbside order pick up or in store visitation from 12-6 PM every Friday and Saturday. We post hours monthly.

Links to all of our antisocial activities can be found at our URL or various social media realms. Follow us, there is a never-ending vein to be tapped into no matter how much or little you’ve seen and heard thus far. Media is provided in most of our listings where it’s available.

Contact: eyeandearcontrolrecords at gmail dot com



Global mailorder, local delivery, weekly in store hours. Visit our site for current details.