Arcfiend – Mortified With Hate EP (1987-90)

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In the mid 1980s the Canadian West Coast erupted with a new wave of speed / thrash metal and Victoria BC?s most evil & extreme sounding group of the period was Arcfiend. Led by visionary guitar/vocalist Quin McCulloch first as a trio playing a mix of originals and covers and later evolving into a refined quartet, Arcfiend?s unreleased recordings echoed with greatness ? but nothing ever materialized for them beyond a few legendary shows. This carefully remastered mega-long EP collects 4 great songs, the speed metal trio similar to ?Pleasure To Kill? era Kreator on A and the technical death / thrash quartet reminiscent of Sepultura?s ?Schizophrenia? on B. With a 12 page booklet featuring vintage artwork by Quin McCulloch and the late Chris Stanley, plus flyers, photographs & their story. Lo-fi Monophonic metal?mayhem!!?

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