ASH PRISON – Future Torn LP/CS

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American industrial metal conspirators Ash Prison (formed by Matt Auxier of electro-industrial act 6th Circle on guitars and electronics, by bassist J. Thompson of East Coast darkwave cult Child Ov Night, and by California-based Italian vocalist M. Alagna of Abstracter, Somnolent and ex-Atrament) arise with their pulverizing debut album “Future Torn”, a collaborative, cross-genre usurpation of heavy industrial electronics, dark hardcore punk and black/heavy metal united under the black banner of total anarchy, chaos, and absolute retaliation. Influenced by acts like Ministry, Skinny Puppy, G.I.S.M., Mayhem, Motörhead, Discharge and Godflesh, on the pummeling debut long player Ash Prison infer of a future, and soon to be, dystopian failed state fallen into complete anarchy and chaos, being paid back with violence and scorn for its own perpetration of injustice and corrupt societal squalor. Within this dark conceptual framework, a crushing barrage of cold sequences, torrential, obsessive drum machines, bulldozing bass lines and abrasive, distorted electronics serve as the backbone to a vitriolic onslaught of grinding guitars and hateful vocals reminiscent of and inspired by the iconic despisal of pioneering underground vocalists like Sakevi Yokoyama and Attila Csihar. A highly original, deadly, and thought-provoking syncretism of dark social commentary and sonic antagonism, “Future Torn” unites various eras, decades, and interpretations of musical insurrectionism to create its own divergent idea of “anarcho-punk”, post-industrial dystopia, and heavy metal destruction to soundtrack and instigate the rise of turmoil, riots, violence, and widespread destruction. Elegant and subtle touches of adjacent influences coming from post-punk, gothic rock, power electronics, death industrial, dark ambient and darkwave punctuate the work throughout augmenting its dark aura and rendering the whole work diverse, dense and unpredictable throughout its tense and telluric thirty-plus minutes of grim upheaval.

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