Bekëth Nexëhmü – De Dunklas Sorgeakt (Ett Nordisk Afvsked…) 3LP

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The regular compositions demand a lot from the listener, not only because of their sometimes long playing time, but also because of the rather busy nature (even though that relentless black metal maelstrom also creates a relaxing effect several times). Swartadauþuz seems to realize this all too well, which is why he inserted (short) songs on time such as “ Järnskogens kall ”, “ Den brusande kitteln ” and the closing “ I Nifelheims vind ” which consist of ambient-like guitar lines where drums are omitted. However, it is mainly a composition if the “ Braenterlude ” is played completely with clean guitars” that brings tranquility down and takes you on a trail through the Scandinavian forests and their mystical atmosphere. The blackened frenzy of the more than eleven minutes long “ Ragnaröks tid ” then stops after two minutes and then changes course with catchy and soothing acoustic guitar strumming and also manages to stay on for nine minutes. to fascinate.” – Brood Of Vipers (translated)

High concept, sprawling black metal contagion!

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