Circle of Ouroborus – Aavikon Varjo LP

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“Circle of Ouroborus is another artist that none of our follower needs any introduction, ever since 2004 they have always kept its acolytes guessing at what new experimental sounds they will configure upon their next incantation, and, as always, once again they have forged a new experience from their earthen womb.

Aavikon Varjo is their brand “new” full-length album on GoatowaRex, and it’s probably the most ‘black metal’ work of their recent releases. A riveting foray into a fascinating medley of atmospheric black metal, post-punk and ocassionally folk ambience; one that takes this trinity of sounds and colacesces them into a varied incantation of short fire spells choked with infectious melody and invigorating sincerity, a pure Circle of Ouroborus way. Steeped in the evocations of the blistering sands and preached by orations of Finnish fury, Aavikon Varjo is a true fulmination of the deepest heart, one that weeps the the summer song of sanguine lifeforce, lapped up by the lonely hounds of the lecherous wastelands.”

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