Ellorsith – Orbhais LP

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xtremely overlooked project, combining interesting riff ideas and consistently thematic lyrical ideas on each release.
“Some may think that once a concept has been decided upon, the music should easily follow and fall into place; I disagree. I believe a concept album is perhaps the most difficult to undertake as there is much room for error. The task of conveying the presence of imminent danger, hopelessness, panic and otherworldly fright in one cohesive body of work is not easy. Also to make the listener develop a sense of empathy for the individuals/individual involved in the story is a separate and much more difficult undertaking, which relies solely on how well the band can handle the aforementioned.
The story of Netta Fornario is eerie and unforgettable once hearing of it. Apparently, she departed London during the summer of 1929 to the island of Iona, in which she encountered much trouble (beyond logical comprehension). As a practitioner of the occult, she endeavored to make telepathic contact with the spirits who dwelled on the island of Iona. Then came the frightening enigmatic events following the utilization of her occult knowledge.” – Metalbite

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