Exhumed – Vomit From The Vaults Vol 2 LP (Black)

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Death By Digital is thrilled to team up with gore masters EXHUMED to release 2 live shows from the 90s.

Vomit From The Vault: Vol 2 is a ripping set from the Gore Metal tour, when they played Stalag 13 on May 2nd, 1999 in Philly.

A few words from Exhumed’s Matt Harvey:

We, along with our bud Doug at Death By Digital, have – ahem – exhumed some deep cuts and old wounds from our vaults. These nasty, crude and extremely raw live tracks showcase a band finding their feet and beginning to gash their way into their own – as not only a live band, but as songwriters and players. You’ll hear everything developing in real time here, from the songs themselves, to the performance, to the stage banter. These platters of splatter are a warts-and-then-some document of Exhumed clawing its way toward whatever semblance of “legitimacy” we’ve achieved through the years. We invite you to delve into this aural odyssey of sonic sickness with us and we promise you – your eardrums will never be the same!

When lined up, both album covers show a cascade of gore, which is designed by ex-Exhumed bassist Matt Slime.

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