Flesh Megalith – Flesh Megalith LP (Red; Burier Side Project)

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Godflesh and Portal walked into a bar. The end.

“Beat of blood thunder heart, colossal sound crushing in the dark, bears crooked grin of flesh fused earth, that hulking entity of giant ruin scribed in entrails of mad prophet—curse of mortal fear name of Flesh Megalith. An entire construct of ancient gore deity ensorcelled by claws of the Swamp Spirit, the Australian fenlord @iamburier , this entity of death soon swallowed, has been shaking the lands since age of 2020. An unearthing of primordial desecration, the rhythmic beat of black blood veins, the meandering melodies of the damned, one incantation for one aim.

Flesh Megalith, the self title debut LP is the maw of meat cromlech mound, the gnashing teeth of the earth, one that plys it’s subversions of physical mortal form through infectious expression of decadent death doom sorcery. A crushing pace of power chord putridity, hypnotic stone press percussion, melodic solo reverie, deep growl oration, and a suffocating atmosphere that weighs those experiencing it by the weight of megalithic oppression. In a way one can compare it with cavernous death doom genre but there are so much more details hide behind the gigantic wall of sonic fresh.

Available on soaking blood heavy weight vinyl, in gatefold jacket with additional insert, and OBI.”

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