Kommodus / Pan-Amerikan Native Front – The Immortal Ceremonies LP

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An alliance forged amongst the tribal birthing pits of total war. A grand oath sworn in the thick of combat, alongside the pooling stains of blood upon the battlefield, and through the choked screams of those weak of flesh, and downtrodden of spirit. Kommodus and Pan-Amerikan Native Front are war hosts that need no introduction, both scarring the ephemeral world with talons of defiance and fangs of heroism for many a bloodstained war campaign now. Not only has this portentous meeting of might brought slaughter to the fields of battle, but now, through the iron fury of GoatowaRex annihilation totality, does this alliance of honourable murder come to physical fruition—upon shades of raven black, aurate gold, morose grey, and earthen brown.

The Immortal Ceremonies raise great omens of dual devastation through the vapours of heady incense—the low pound of the wardrum, the stretch of skin over knuckled fist. The pairing of these two titans works in perfect tandem; Kommodus supplying some of its most bombastic and monolithic warspells yet, with Pan-Amerkian Native Front proving itself no lame beast either, drowning its acolytes in a fever of impressive warspells, soaking the land in the tears of those that vengeance shall be brought upon. Scorn of empire, rise of blood tribe, and return to an order of cyclic champions forever to run the gauntlet of mystic prophecy.

Iron in blood and in hand, this colossal pairing of the contemporary black sorcery landscape’s most brutal and brightest, works as well as all would expect. Tearing through pummelling rhythmic sections, slicing through infectious melodies, and devastating through exceptional composition, all those seeking passage to those fabled realms of warrior spirit, and golden ruin, need prostrate themselves before the wood smoke altar no longer.

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