Negative Plane – Et in Saecula Saeculorum DLP

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“So, what is it about this album? A lot, actually. Firstly, there is an absolutely staggering amount of atmosphere and incredible songwriting here; and to these ears, something Negative Plane do nearly better than any other metal band, regardless of genre. Often writing lengthy compositions running near the eight or nine minute mark, Negative Plane mold a verdure of truly dark and seething malign character that oozes from within the magnificent guitar work at all times. These songs, compositionally, are quite complex and progressive by general metal standards (even if not especially difficult in technique.) Utilizing foreboding, dense, challenging linear songwriting that is expansive and scathing, Negative Plane’s music is also extremely memorable, epic, and always somehow ringing with an abstract and unmatched sense of dark grandiosity. ”

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