Personality Crisis – Take A Drunk To Dinner LP (Live in Seattle, 1983)

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Winnipeg OG Punks captured live in Seattle in 1983. True diehard piece at a collector friendly rate. Clear yellow vinyl. A must for YWGphiles.

Take A Drunk To Dinner Tour

Live at Metropolis, Seattle WA

September 6, 1983

(Except for B5, from Rat Music Vol. 2 LP)

Track listing on record is missing three tracks. Actual track listing is as follows,

A1. Wonder What They’re Thinking

A2. Case History

A3. Mrs. Palmer

A4. The Look

A5. The Advocate

A6. Vampire’s Dream

A7. The Jam

B1. Twilight’s Last Gleaming

B2. Scavengers

B3. Creatures For A While

B4. Demolition Girl (Saints cover)

B5. Intoxication (Rancid X cover)

B6. People In Glass

B7. Case History

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