Trappist/Connoisseur – Cross Faded (Split) LP

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A lethal combo of fastcore, sludge, power violence and underground hardcore punk. Oakland?s weed warriors Connoisseur meet Los Angeles’ beer battalion Trappist (members of Spazz and Despise You).


Trappist side

1. Crossfaded

2. Crush, Pils, Destroy

3. The One Thing That Still Holds Brew

4. Dude, Put Your Fucking Arm Down (Dude)

5. Number of the Yeast

6. One Strain Away

7. Waiting in Line – Fourth Stanza

8. I Don?t Need Sobriety

9. Amateur Hour

Connoisseur side

1. The Prize

2. Your Ass is Grass

3. Life (AKA how to dull the pain from the crushing weight of daily existence)

4. Stay Down

5. Stay High

6. Double Barrel Shotgun

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