Wagner Ödegård (Swe) – Panvatn MLP (Black Vinyl)

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The winds of woe weep for Wagner Ödegård and the ancient leylines of phantom folk long since spent by the deities they once worshipped, as the weary sound of his strings span ambient folkloric despair over the ages. The mortuary masterwork of Magnus Eriksson, infamous for his work with Wulkanaz and Tomhet, Wagner Ödegård was once a purely ambient entity, drawing out lonely soundscapes of analogue dissonance and proto-germanic phantoms, but has since evolved into a raw black punk metal force of experimental sincerity and kosmic terror. For kosmic indeed is Wagner Ödegård’s latest sulphuric incantation, that of Panvatn, whom the iron hand of GoatowaRex is proud to announce this release upon a premium vinyl package.

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