Xzælthu – Xzælthu II LP

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“Begrimed in the fetters of primordial filth, rusted chains rattling beneath the cromlech of morbid tryst, rises from broken flagstones and grave dirt, that ominous aura of the one whispered by cult tongue of Xzælthu. Resurrected from the seals of suffering in the age of 2017, Xzælthu wields a truly malefic manifestation of raw black metal, lamentations of melancholy drowned beneath an ocean of hissing incongruity. None other than the iron chambers of GoatowaRex arcane epiphany could unleash such an incantation, this through medium of the finest raven black vinyl wax.

Xzælthu’s 2020 demo incantation is the miserable dreariness of immortal hunger. The eternal ailment of perpetual darkness. A grimoire of morbid spells steeped in a wash of howling dissonance, meandering tremolo melodics of mournful repose, caught in dance of mid-paced percussive cymbal clashing, and vast vocal orations from beyond the void. Lost in the dream labyrinths of the dungeon crypt conjuration, Xzælthu is the spectre at the end of the tunnel’s maw, lunar enchanted claws luminous with the tears of a million martyrs.”

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