Azothyst – Blood Of Dead God LP

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Incisive and technical black metal sharing members with ADVERSARIAL.


? 180gram vinyl at 45rpm for maximum sound quality.

? Reverse board jacket and inside flooded with gore.

? 12×12 inch insert

? 20 page A5 booklet with lyrics and extensive artwork.

? Black poly-lined inner sleeves.

(Description by Shawn Hach?)

In an age of saccharine palatability the only antidote is poison. A dreaded and mysterious formula to execute the uninitiated and elevate the worthy. Delivered in a stained chalice, Vault of Dried Bones puts this corrosive tincture to your lips and demands, “Imbibe!”. The long anticipated first offering of AZOTHYST is a sanguine solution. Swallow, enter a violently altered state, and prepare for the horror that awaits in the Blood of Dead God.

The cult of Azothyst has long lingered in whispers throughout the Canadian extreme metal microcosm. Occasionally surfacing in merciless sneak attacks, only to rescind back to unbeing. Complete manifestation has recoiled to the stuff of legend and oral tradition among the elite. With ranks comprising ancient corpse-keepers and the adversely prophetic, respect was immediately due upon initial rumour. At last, the hour is nigh! Sufficient belief has breathed life into thought-form and Pandora?s box has been shattered.

Travel deep enough into the abyss and enter a parallel realm of horror and diabolism. Azothyst?s domain is an inversion of reality where the wretched become the crowned and conquering. The bottom of the pit is the pinnacle of the mountain, and it is a summit of skulls and carrion. You drank the slain deity?s essence to get this far, but will you scale the peaks or plumb the depths of a mass grave?

Neophite! Attune to the horrifyingly vast and oppressively cavernous before proceeding or abandon hope completely. From the moment of revelation, the onslaught is pure, pushing the frenzy to a fever pitch. Azothyst?s execution of sheer violence on Blood of Dead God is a ruthless dagger to the throat. At the peaks of madness, gnostic moments of clarity give way to hypnotic formlessness, and all suspends in suffocating surreality. In the grip of awakening, malevolence takes hold once again and the spiral towards brutality resumes. This calculated cycle of black/death metal in equal parts psychoactive ceremony and savage execution continues until the ritual is complete.

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