CEREMONIAL BLOODBATH – Mutilation of Sacrifice 7″ (Restock)

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Canadian death metal terror legion Ceremonial Bloodbath are back with a limited edition 7″ promo EP to reaffirm and perpetrate their tyrannic conquest as one of the most abominable and horrific extreme metal entities alive these days. Originally released earlier this year as a limited edition promo tape via Parasitic Records, the “Mutilation of Sacrifice” promo EP/demo now sees the light for the first time on vinyl via Sentient Ruin as a continued propagation of this inhuman entity’s unholy domain and wake of endless aural deformities. The work once again masterfully references timeless extreme metal cults like Archgoat, Bestial Warlust, Vassafor, Black Witchery and Blasphemy, and sees the Vancouver BC-based disfigured death metal horde prepare the ground for their next abhorrent expedition into the outer realms of complete aural depravity with this raw, pestilent and unforgiving short-playing premonition to the full-fledged animalistic savagery and bestial annihilation they have lurking ahead.

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