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The BLASPHENAUT were around in the late 90s/early oughts and produced a 4 song demo and this absolute oddity of a 10″. The original label was a techno/gabber label based in Minneapolis called History Of The Future – part way the production of the record, the label folded, leaving the band to improvise covers for a few bare vinyl copies that were distributed to a handful of f(r)iends locally. Fast forward a few years, and another local DIY distributor found a warehouse source for the remaining 100 or so partially completed records and imported them with the intention to print new covers and give them a proper distribution – only to themselves fold before completing the project. We now have the fruits of those labors in hand – several dozen copies of the 10″ vinyl, along with brand new inner sleeves, newly printed jackets with updated artwork, and new 10″ outer sleeves, all accompanied by updated and digitally remastered audio files which will be included as digital download codes along with the vinyl.

During their short existence, the Blasphenaut played shows with crowds as diverse as Malefaction, Fuckmorgue, Head Hits Concrete, DJ Fanny and Venetian Snares (who make a guest appearance on track 18). They stand completely apart from all of these bands…

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